Services - PCB Decontamination

Descontaminação de PCB

When it comes to oil, addressing environmental issues always requires extreme caution, which should be of extreme accuracy when we are in the presence of dielectric oil, which by its use can easily be contaminated with highly toxic external elements, particularly, PCB (polychlorinated Biphenyl).

We often find insulating oil contaminated with PCB above 50 ipm, due to bad market practices and the fact that about 35% of the equipment into service in Portugal is contaminated (pure or diluted), according to an OECD study.

The legislation in force, the Portuguese Decree-Laws No. 277 of July 23, 1999, and No. 72 of March 27, 2007, determines the total inventory of all equipment with dielectric fluids for PCB screening, and their total elimination by the year 2010.

AMBICARE is properly licensed to carry out decontamination operations "in situ" of electrical equipment containing PCBs, including end-of-life equipment.

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