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Reciclagem de Lâmpadas 

Fluorescent lamps and other lamps, such as low-energy lamps (CFLs), sodium lamps, mercury-containing discharge lamps (HIDs) and traditional mercury lamps are common on days that run. This type of bulbs often contains mercury, which is a chemical element toxic to living things and also harmful to the environment. For example, fluorescent lamps typically contain mercury in the form of vapor in order to achieve fluorescence of a material called luminescent which is located inside the tube. Luminescent material, which may contain mercury itself, is contained in the bulbs and therefore is necessary for the bulbs to emit light.
AMBICARE with its Recycling Center has responded at the national level in the treatment of fluorescent and mercury-containing discharge lamps.
The term recycling refers to its recovery as waste, that is, recovery of its constituent materials and its introduction into the industry.
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