Services - Dielectric Oil Treatment

Tratamento de Óleo Dieléctrico

When the results of tests/analysis indicate that there are traces of oil deterioration, this can be subjected to conditioning interventions, through a process of purification, drying, and degassing, carried out in closed circuit, by removing the solid contaminants, water, some volatile acids and the combustible gases, thus prolonging the service life of mineral insulating oil and paper insulation.

In extreme cases, a wash of the active constituents should be carried out by replacing the deteriorated oil with new oil, thus removing the oxidation products from oil and insulating paper.
When the diagnosis of the tests/analysis results indicates the existence of high moisture values in the solid insulation, the transformer must be subject to drying of the active constituents.
In the case of larger transformers, equipped with vats designed to withstand the application of vacuum, active constituent drying operations (applying heat and vacuum cycles) can be carried out on-site of the transformer.
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