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For the proper effects we inform that, for technical (and also tactical) reasons, we will be closed on the 20th of June, from 12 noon to 3:00 p.m.
Enjoy to see and support our national team that will play with Morocco by 13 o'clock.
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SyDEC - Passive dehumidification system

On February 21 2018 have entered in service the first two dehumidification continuously process for electric power transformers, SyDEC developed by AMBICARE with the support of the School of Technology of the Polytechnic Institute of Setubal, dedicated to adsorption of insulating oil moisture, under safe and environmentally controlled conditions.


AMBICARE wishes all its Clients, Suppliers and Friends, a Happy Holiday!
We take this opportunity to inform you that we will be closed on 22 and 26 December.

Visit Ambicare - Project EWIT

Within the project "EWIT: Developing e-waste implementation toolkit to support the recycling and the raw secondary recovery equipment strategies in metropolitan areas in Africa", in which the ERP Portugal participates as a partner organization in conjunction with LIPOR, we had the great pleased to receive today in our facilities the visit of a delegation coming from Kenya.
As mentioned above, this visit is part of EWIT initiative and includes a workshop and several technical visits.

CorkSorb testing ASTM & TCLP

Another major achievement for this product range 100% Natural, Sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Our cork is currently tested by two of the most demanding and internationally renowned standards related to oil spill absorption, they are:
• ASTM F726-12, Standard test method for sorbent performance of adsorbents;
• USEPA 1311 - TCLP (Toxicity Leaching Characterization Procedures).

AMBICARE receives the first bulbs from abroad

Drawing both on the investment in new technology and the partnership agreement recently signed with the company TRIEX GESTIÓN DE RESÍDUOS, AMBICARE has received the first cargo of lamps waste from Uruguay to be recycled in our treatment unit in Portugal.

Insulating oil regeneration

AMBICARE is currently finishing another dielectric oil REGENERATION in a power transformer. In addition to improving the quality of the oil in service, on load regeneration is a sustainable practice that dramatically reduces waste for disposal. AMBICARE is proud to offer its customers an environmentally responsible service!! 

Renewal of supplier management system RePro

In 2014 Ambicare Industrial has renewed its registration in the supplier management system RePro.



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