In the constant search for innovative products and services with a strong technological component, combined with the sustainable management of companies’ assets, AMBICARE has been improving and expanding its activities to other niche markets, where new solutions are placed at the service of its customers and other stakeholders through the intervention of a high standard of requirement. To this end, it has the following licenses and permits:
- License DGE No. 00917 of 07.06.1999 - Dielectrics Oils Treatment;
- Contract No. 0088/16 - SOGILUB - Society for Integrated Management of Used Lubricating Oils Ltd;
- Permit License Operations Waste Management No. 71/2015 - Decontamination of PCBs in dielectric oils;
- Permit License Waste Management Operations No. 005/2018 - Recovery and Storage of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste.
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